TrackingMAP system provides a possibility for fully automated remote digital tachograph data download. The system automatically scans and downloads driver and the vehicle DDD files. You will always be sure that the recorded data in your tachograph is scanned on time and in accordance with applicable legislation.

The tachograph data download does not require any additional devices (such as card readers). The system automatically retrieves data about driver’s working time and the whole process does not require any manual contact. After the download of digital tachograph data it is safely captured and stored which shows that the record of information was carried out in a timely manner in case of inspection performed.

You can download DDD TrackingMAP files stored on server at any time by logging in to the system. Also after the DDD download, the file is automatically exported to the system for detailed analysis and detailed information becomes available (time sheets, salaries, etc.). TrackingMAP system scans / downloads driver’s and vehicle’s DDD files from all digital tachograph models.

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