TrackingMAP system  has a capability to optimize routes, planing and forwarding them to the driver. The goal is to have a planned route by the manager sent to the driver using the same vehicle map. This solution avoids inaccuracies in the planning of routes and the final result will be much more accurate. Therefore, the best route would be planned without involvment of the driver.

The working plans for the divers will be comleted by the manager and will be sent directly to the driver‘s tablet, where all needs to be done – just approve the route by the driver and proceed as directed.

Route planning tool will also provide the following benefits:

– manager can remove interim sections of toll roads and state roads in order to use the roads free of charge.

Removal of sections of the road system will automatically recalculate the extent to which the amendment was saved or lost driving time and kilometers.

A planned route can be immediately compared with the customer’s information, and may be asurred that the driver has covered the section which was planned. Route planning tool will save a lot of time and provide real financial returns.

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