You want to prevent a possible fuel theft? It is Important for you to monitor fuel consumption data?

TrackingMAP will help you to control it easily:

Installing digital fuel level sensors into fuel tanks (sensors installed in each fuel tank separately), you will see fuel tank information per each tank separately, and the total amount of all tanks.

TrackingMAP fuel control solution – provides exceptional data accuracy. The installation is performed upon arrival at the client’s location, using modern equipment. After the installation is completed the accuracy of the system is demonstrated and verified. Error rate is extremely low up to 2%.

After the digital fuel level sensors are installed you will be able to monitor the following information:

– Precise refuelling and automatic data comparison with the transaction details at fuel stations.

– If there is a mismatch between the filling and the amount of a transaction, the system sends an automatic notification to the client, and provide information of the non-compliance in a special report.

– In the event of theft of fuel (fuel drain case) system immediately informs the customer by sending a SMS and e-mail (details of the theft, location, time, quantity, etc.).

– Special refuelling and consumption reports.

– Precise data about actual fuel consumption.

– Automatic transactions and data comparison.

In order to control fuel flow, we offer Swiss-made fuel flow meters. Fuel information can be monitored by connecting to the system via the Internet or a smartphone application.

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