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(LT) Priemonės „Naujos galimybės LT“ pagalba įmonė pristatė savo naujausią produkciją užsienio parodose

(LT) UAB „Medium group“, stabiliai auganti logistikos IT sprendimų kūrimo srityje, įgyvendino projektą „UAB "Medium group" eksporto rinkų plėtra“ Nr. 03.2.1-LVPA-K-801-05-0266 (Projekto vertė 82 684 eurai). Šio projekto tikslas - pasinaudojant ES parama paskatinti eksporto plėtrą į potencialo turinčias rinkas.

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Alcohol tester with immobilizer for a drunk driver to STOP!

Do you want to assure that your drivers are driving completely sober? TrackingMAP offers a new and innovative solution integrated with the transport control system, which will ensure that drunk driver could not start an engine and drive a vehicle. We install highest quality, world class German manufacturer's Dräger alcohol testers with immobilizer - 7000 Interlock, Interlock XT and 5000.

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Control and monitor digital tachograph data!

TrackingMAP system functionality enables a possibility for a fully automated remote digital tachograph data scan and download (driver and vehicle DDD files). From now on you cannot only remotely and automatically download DDD files from a digital tachograph, but also to analyze them. We have developed a system that automatically takes over the DDD downloaded files and analyzes them for the submission for the bookkeeping of transactions, calculation of drivers salary and formation of time sheets. Our system can also be integrated with other business tools according to the customer needs.

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Instrument "New Opportunities"

JSC „Medium group” operating transport system solutions provider working in the field of telecommunication and providing solutions for transport business optimisation successfully implemented the project "JSC “MEDIUM GROUP” development of export markets” which was carried out during September, 2014. The company focuses their expansion to the foreign markets and searches for customers worldwide. The most effective way to obtain information about foreign markets is to participate in the local exhibitions, which focus on development of telematics and transport optimisation systems.

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