Control and monitor digital tachograph data!

Monitor and analyse your digital tachograph data!

TrackingMAP system functionality enables a possibility for  a fully automated remote digital tachograph data scan and download (driver and vehicle DDD files). From now on you cannot only remotely and automatically download DDD files from a digital tachograph, but also to analyze them. We have developed a system that automatically takes over the DDD downloaded files and analyzes them for the submission for the bookkeeping of transactions, calculation of drivers salary and formation of time sheets. Our system can also be integrated with other business tools according to the customer needs.

Features of DDD file analysis system:

Precise details as they appear in the tachograph, not via satellite

Automatic wage accounting

Working Time Report (Working time day / night, according to the particular country requirements) 

Working time planing

Data is stored in Cloud 

The system is accessible from any location using Internet 

Automatic import of DDD files downloaded

Information about work time infringement

Control over the entire fleet tachographs to be scanned timely

Access to data via API

Reports are summarized and formed in line with EU legislation and standards 

Try the system FREE: Get a free test login to the system. Send us several of your company’s DDD files, we will import them into the system in order you could test the tool for your business optimization and efficiency. To book a test login, please fill out the form in the contact section.