Alcohol tester with immobilizer for a drunk driver to STOP!

Do you want to assure that your drivers are driving completely sober?

TrackingMAP offers a new and innovative solution integrated with the transport control system, which will ensure that drunk driver could not start an engine and drive a vehicle.

We install highest quality, world class German manufacturer’s Dräger alcohol testers with immobilizer – 7000 Interlock, Interlock XT and 5000.

Alcohol testers are easily installed into any type of vehicle by connecting to the engine block. To start the engine of a vehicle, the driver must perform a sobriety test using the alcohol tester installed and, in case the test result is below the prescribed limit, the engine is unblocked.

TrackingMAP proposed solution is characterized as stabile and reliable (only alcohol is identified and does not react to other substances, e.g. mint cigarettes, chewing gum, etc.), also the alcohol tester boots itself and is ready to use within 4 seconds.

In order to prevent from possible cheating by shifting sober person to run the alcohol test, the system periodically requests for a test to be performed additionally during the driving time, or after a stop. Depending on the needs, the system can be programmed in several modes according to the customer’s specification.


– Helps to avoid from driving under influence of alcohol

– Reduces risk of injury of intoxicated persons and damage to property

– Increases passengers’ and customers’ confidence

– Increases the drivers’ responsibility

– Helps prevent damage to company and its prestige due to alcohol triggered consequences

– Strengthens social responsibility and prestige of the company as well as show responsible approach towards safety on the road and in the workplace.


Dräger Interlock alcohol test devices are reliable and easily used vehicle engine blocking hardware. Likewise other engine blocking alcohol test devices, Dräger Interlock allows to start the vehicle only when sobriety test result is below the prescribed limit. This type of devices helps to reduce accidents and accident risk arising when vehicles are driven by drunk persons. Dräger interlock devices help to avoid personnel injuries due to intoxication, protect  property and also contributes to the image of a socially responsible organization. Dräger Interlock is fast, reliable and easy to use.

Information recording

Devices captures all the information to its memory (successful and unsuccessful attempts to start the engine, start the engine without alcohol test, attempt to disconnect the tester or battery, all other actions performed with the device). The records can be later reviewed. After the memory playback of the data recorded, alcohol problems having drivers can be identified, also attempts for “fraud” or disconnect alcohol tester / bypass cases. Dräger Interlock 5000 has memory of 30,000 events, Dräger Interlock 7000 – has memory of 500,000 events.

Installation and how it works

The devices are installed by the manufacturer’s authorized representatives or as agreed with a customer – by another customer’s specified professionals. Dräger Interlock is alcohol tester with automatic vehicle engine blocking system. The driver must perform a sobriety test before starting engine of the vehicle. If the alcohol concentration exceeds a predetermined threshold, the engine is blocked and would not allow to start the vehicle. In order to ensure that vehicles continue to drive only sober persons, during random time intervals additional tests are required, e.g. the first additional driver sobriety test must be performed 10 minutes after the test. It is required to carry out the test on random intervals, however, at least once in an hour (time intervals can be configured as required).

In case alcohol concentration exceeds a predetermined threshold, the system would not block the engine immediately, however, the offense is recorded to the memory and it is possible to take additional actions, such as activation of vehicle’s hazard lights, horn, or other equipment connected to the Dräger Interlock device (SMS sending, or interface with TrackingMAP system and data output).

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